I've always wondered if cowboys in a saloon can hide from bullets at a wooden table? You remember those cool shootouts in westerns, right? Someone is firing from behind the bar, someone from behind the top of an overturned table. And somehow everyone is alive and well. Could it be?
In addition, I have always been interested in how to protect yourself from bullets in our modern and turbulent times? In everyday life, so to speak?

I started searching through military manuals and manuals, and this is what I found.
It turns out that the air itself is a great protector from bullets. In the sense that the higher the velocity of the bullet, the stronger the resistance of the atmosphere. For example, a bullet from a Mosin rifle shoots out at a speed of 865 meters per second. Does this mean that it will fly 865 meters in a second? Not mean.
From the very first moments, this bullet is slowed down by the air with monstrous force. Therefore, in the first second, the bullet will fly only 700 meters. That is minus 165 meters, as it happened?! 165 meters is a lot.
Well, of course, for someone who will be in the line of fire, this will be little consolation. But know that after passing through your body, the bullet will lose speed even more and become less dangerous. Not for nothing, in general, fell under the distribution.

Another excellent shelter is water. Have you noticed that if people fall on water from a great height - do they die? So, ordinary tap water is a great protector from bullets. Better even than some shelters. For example, an ordinary pistol bullet can penetrate a layer of water as little as 80 centimeters. So, if during a firefight, you were near a pool or pond – you can dive a meter and calmly wait out the barrage of fire. If you are near a small fountain, you can also jump. But only to amuse others. Maybe they will get into a good mood and stop shooting at each other.
You can also hide behind a meter-long aquarium with fish or behind a water tank on a dacha plot, in the summer in the city you can hide behind a filled watering machine, behind a barrel of kvass, or better yet, beer.  
In General, any container with a liquid that is more than 80 centimeters thick can protect you from a malicious person.  

If there is no liquid nearby (sometimes this happens), then you can hide behind a tree or wooden structure. But keep in mind: the bullet penetrates a layer of pine boards 87 centimeters. Almost a meter is obtained. That is, Park benches, billboards with ads, a gardener's or security guard's booth, a wooden toilet (its upper part) - are not suitable for hiding in any way. A wooden front door won't help if you're shooting at close range, either. Therefore, the best option is to hide behind a stack of boards or logs. And if you find yourself in a wooden toilet-hide down.  Special experiments have established that an ordinary bullet with 100 steps penetrates into the clay soil by 70-80 centimeters, into the ordinary earth by 60-70 centimeters. Therefore, being at the bottom of the toilet-you will be protected from all sides.
In the sand, by the way, the bullet penetrates about 20 centimeters. This is why it is customary to build barricades out of sandbags. This is one of the cheapest and at the same time the best means of protection from bullets. And if the shooting caught you near the sandbox – you can safely make cakes with a thickness of more than 20 centimeters and hide behind them. If you have time, of course.
But! But! In winter, you can hide in the snow! If the streets not cleaned often, you can easily find a snowdrift 3.5 meters thick everywhere. No bullet can penetrate it. Checked.  

However, keep in mind: the killing power of a rifle bullet is about twice as great. It breaks through a layer of clay in 160-180 centimeters, dry sand in bags-50 centimeters, overcomes brickwork in 50 centimeters, pine boards-80 centimeters. Therefore, as soon as you realize that you are being shot from a rifle, please make the necessary corrections. And only then look for a safe hiding place.   
Some more facts. The energy of movement of a 120 mm projectile is three times the energy of movement of a train at full speed. In other words, can you imagine what kind of load the tank's armor is under when such a block is hit? And what will happen to a person if he meets such a projectile.
However, a 2-meter layer of earth or 1-meter-thick brickwork protects from being hit by projectiles. In any case, if suddenly the artillery started shooting, don't stay at home. Run to the basement. Modern panel houses shell pierces right through.    

Let's go back to our cowboys. The bullet velocity from a Smith & Wesson revolver did not exceed 200 meters per second. According to experts, a bullet fired from a revolver, at a range of 25 steps, that is about 18 meters, breaks through a pine Board 10-15 centimeters thick.  In principle, this is consistent with what is written above. The bullet speed of the Tokarev pistol is 420 m/s. Twice as high.  
It follows that to be safe from bullets in a cowboy saloon, you must hide behind the covers of at least three tables at once. Given that they still have to be separated from each other by about a meter.
In General, the movie, as always, deceives us. I warned you about everything else. God bless you.

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