Scientists of the planet Earth have long been interested in the question: why do we sleep?  It turns out that the earth creatures needed sleep when they started to develop land. Then, and leaned on them, the force of gravity. Since most of our ancestors preferred exclusively protein food, in the morning you run so hard for it – your legs fall off in the evening.
Therefore, about 400 years ago, the first animals decided to catch their breath and take a nap under a bush. From this point on, a clear division of labor began: some slept at night, others during the day.

During sleep, the body increases muscle volume. If it is missing. Repairs fabrics. Repairs damage. In a dream, the body's energy consumption plummets. Forces are accumulating for a new day. In this case, the brain "orders" the spinal cord to stop working motor neurons. This is why when we walk, dance, or run in our sleep, our hands and feet remain motionless. At the command of the brain, the body seems to freeze.
But most importantly, the brain begins to process the information received during the day. During the day, it collects a lot of information about the weather, news in the city, country, world, your personal Affairs, conversations with other people, and so on. Then all this is analyzed in an unknown way and, if it is possible to draw any conclusions from this "mess", the brain informs us.
That is, it not only solves the problems and problems left from the evening, but also deals with predicting the future.

We receive these messages in our dreams. However, most often we can't decipher these messages. Because the brain communicates with us in images. At the same time, images mean one thing for some people, and the opposite for others. Sometimes there are coincidences. That's why there are so many dream books and so many mistakes.
The brain tells us everything exactly. We just can't get it all right.
Many people dismiss dreams altogether. Thinking it was a glimpse of the past day. However, ask yourself the question: our body is arranged in a convenient way, our body is adapted to life on this planet, our brain analyzes and rules our body according to the situation. Why would he do anything stupid, even at night? The brain and our body are centuries-old weapons of survival. Everything we have, everything that happens to us is extremely functional. We don't have any useless skills. You already know, Yes, why does human vision distinguish thousands of shades of green? Because our ancestors had to stare intently into the leaves of trees for thousands of years: is there a predator hiding there or not?
Primorye Chukchis that live by fishing for walruses and seals often solve the dilemma: where to look for animals? Which way to go? If you don't find the right place the first time, you will be left without meat. It means: the hunters will not be able to return to the camp. If they do not return, the old men, women, and children will starve to death. And you know what? They have never made a mistake. Among the hunters, there is always at least one who correctly deciphers the messages of the brain and "gets the right road map".

Our brains are just as well organized. We can also make predictions. We can look into the future and safely avoid misfortunes. The brain tells us this every night. The problem is that no one wants to listen even to themselves.

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