Since the first days of the invention of radio, humanity has been trying to call aliens. Since 1960, radio astronomy observatories have listened to space on a 21-centimeter wave. Someone came up with the idea: since hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe, radiating radio waves of this length, then the aliens must think the same way. But whether the aliens come across stupid, or we ourselves do not understand something in their logic-only the subscriber is always out of the access zone.

Just in case, the scientists decided to listen to all the frequencies at all. When suddenly the English astronomers caught the long-awaited signal. It came from a certain point in space. The research was immediately classified. They all signed a non-disclosure agreement and posted sentries.
Later, however, sources of similar signals were found in other parts of the Universe. It turned out that hundreds of such signals come to Earth. It is the pulsar stars that send us greetings. Neutron stars, whose existence scientists have predicted a long time ago. Neutron stars are similar in size to Earth. But they are very dense. A small cube of this star's substance, one cubic centimeter in size, weighs several hundred million tons. The magnetic field strength of a neutron star is thousands of billion times greater than that of Earth. A neutron star rotates at the rate of one revolution per second. When the planet turns to us with the top of the magnetic pole, the same impulse flies out to the Earth.

Is there even this extraterrestrial intelligence? Why do we suddenly imagine ourselves in a crowd of alien peoples? It turns out that our Sun is a fairly ordinary and banal star. There are billions of people like her in space. They are surrounded by planets like our Earth. So at least somewhere else, but life must be born necessarily. To spite us, at least.
But maybe an alien alien civilization has not even opened a radio yet? What do we want from them? Or maybe they have gone far ahead and our radio is like an Indian signal fire for them. Ask yourself: how often do you use items from the Museum?
Scientists give this example. Imagine savages on an island. They beat drums, light smoky signal fires, and wait for a response from beyond the horizon. However, space is silent. Sad savages are going to hang themselves from loneliness. And around them, the air is literally teeming with radio programs, television broadcasts, Morse code signals and accurate time. Only savages can't do that. They don't have a receiver.
So maybe we just don't know how to use other means of transmitting information? Even today, scientists can confidently tell you two types of radiation that we do not use in the field of communication.
This is neutron radiation and gravitational waves. Neutrons are born during nuclear reactions. Due to the fact that they are neutral particle, they can pass through any thickness of matter. There is no barrier to neutrons. The entire Earth, the entire universe with its planets, is transparent to neutrons, like glass. In one second, a nuclear reactor with a cross-section of one square centimeter produces a stream of several thousand billion neutrons.

The second type of radiation is gravitational waves. The gravitational wave generator can be assembled even at home. You take an iron rod and weld round iron bars to its ends. The generator is ready. Now the rod must be strongly and quickly rotated around the center of gravity. The faster the rotation and heavier the load – the stronger the waves. Since the radiation power of gravitational waves is proportional to the speed of rotation in the sixth power.
However, your rotation speed is always limited by the strength of the rod. There will come a time when the centrifugal force will simply break the rod. Even the strongest material with a thickness of one meter and a length of ten meters, with a weight of one hundred tons of cargo, can only be spun to the maximum of 300 revolutions per minute. Radiation power the gravitational waves will be very small.
But let descendants think about this problem. We will go further in our fantasies.
As everyone knows, stars have the shape of a ball. Round bodies can focus rays. Who will forbid us to use our Sun as a giant lens? Our Sun is transparent to neutrons and gravitational waves. A ray flying through the heart of the Sun will not evade or distort anywhere. The same force of attraction acts on it from all sides. So, the calculations showed that after passing through the Sun, the ray will gather at a single point 40 billion kilometers away. On the scale of the Universe, this is not much. The radius of Pluto's orbit is 6 billion kilometers.
By the way, this type of communication is suitable even for distant space travel. The relay can receive signals from Earth, convert them into a neutron beam, and send them through the Sun in the desired direction. A spacecraft at great distances from us can fly in this stream of neutrons and receive messages from Earth. However, only unilaterally.  

With the help of the Sun, you can transmit signals and waves of gravity!
After passing through the Sun, the diverging beam of waves will become almost parallel. With a diameter of about 1000 kilometers, gravity waves will not disperse even at a distance of 10 thousand light years. This range is already comparable to the size of our Galaxy.
In General, maybe this type of communication is the "radio" on which the aliens communicate? Can to try?

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