There is such a resource https://russiainphoto.ru -Very interesting. Many photos from different eras. Many portraits from photo salons. I have been looking at these works for several days. And there was an interesting idea. People's faces don't change. The person is the same in all times and epochs. Just different dresses.

However, this is banal, right? The second thought is: look closely at all the houses in the photo. Only monasteries and churches are made of stone. The rest is old wood. Leaning houses. Black logs of huts. Littered with old fences. Today we see the same picture. All the old houses and huts are crooked on one side. All black from time. Dilapidation is visible in everything.


But if today it is all so dilapidated, a hundred years ago these same houses were dilapidated, two hundred years ago-the same, when was it new? When photography wasn't invented yet?

The next photo is of an actress. Make the image color, you will not be able to distinguish her from a modern actress.

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