Math allows you to earn millions of dollars on simple calculations. The following story is very beautiful. Imagine that you have accumulated 102.300 dollars. I am now telling a purely hypothetical story. The numbers may be different.

So you divide your money into hundred-dollar bills and offer rich people the deal. You promise that in a coin toss contest, a person will win ten times in a row. That is, it will bypass exactly ten competitors. If a person wins – they pay you a million dollars. If not, you give him a hundred dollars for the trouble.
A person thinks: it is impossible to win ten times in a row. The first time is easy to win. There is a 50% chance in this case.
But winning the second time in a row is already problematic. The odds are greatly reduced: 50% x 50% can be represented as 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25. That is, one chance in four. The chances that a person will win ten times in a row are generally negligible - 0.00097656% out of 1024.
It's ridiculous to talk about a win.

And so the game began. You have collected 1024 players, and they converge in the first tournament. Half after the first loss is eliminated immediately. This is 512 people. You shrug your shoulders: not fate, your calculations did not work – and pay them a hundred dollars for their trouble.
The second round ends with the defeat of 256 people. You also give them $ 100 each. The third round of 128 loser. And so on until round 9, when only two competitors remain: Mr. X and Mr. Y.  
Mr. X flips a coin. Mr. Y is losing. You pay Mr. Y his hundred dollars and he leaves.
And here's what it turns out: Mr. X actually won ten rounds in a row at a coin toss. Although it is surprising, but the mathematics says: in a competition of 1024 people, one person is sure to win ten times in a row. Two-must win 9 times in a row. Four – 8 times in a row. And so on in descending order.  
Mr. X has no choice but to pay you a million dollars. Now let's calculate: your expenses for the fee of 1023 people amounted to $ 102,300. The prize is 1,000,000. Net profit of $ 897,700.
There is no deception here. Only pure mathematical calculation. You can learn about other ways of earning money in any ordinary school textbook on mathematics.

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