Surprisingly, our world is constantly changing in size. Sometimes he grow to a universal scale, occasionally shrinks into a pinhead. And so on indefinitely. Mathematicians suspect that our universe also has a mirror double. Or she suddenly becomes a mirror image of herself. Why don't we notice this?
It's very simple. All these changes occur instantly, evenly, with all objects at the same time. We have nothing to compare these changes with. There is no standard. So we live and don't feel any change.

If, for example, our Earth became a mirror image of herself, right-handers would write with their left hand. Because she would have been right hand. We would read from right to left. But no one would ever notice. Outwardly, nothing would have changed. We would not be confused, as our reflection in the mirror is not confused. Therefore, if our world has suddenly become a mirror image of itself, it is impossible to determine this.

As mathematicians say, we wouldn't notice anything even if our world changed out of proportion, strictly in one direction. For example, if one side of any item becomes too large. Let's say the left half of our Cabinet would waste stretched out for 30 meters. How can we notice this? Easy as pie. After all, before the left half of the Cabinet protruded to the side by only one meter. So you need to take a tape measure and measure the distance. However, as soon as we turn our roulette wheel to the left, according to the law of our distorted world, its length will also increase by 30 meters. And this left half of the Cabinet according to the tape measure will still be one meter long.

German Professor of mathematics Dziobek gives interesting new comparisons. Imagine a curved mirror. These funny mirrors are usually in the room of Laughter.

Our world called 1 is reflected in the crooked world called 2. All objects in this world 2 are reflected with monstrous curves. Your slender, beautiful companion looks like a hunchbacked monster in the mirror, your glasses have turned into some kind of puddles, like a flowing clock in a painting by Salvador Dali. A smooth ruler with divisions is reflected in the world 2, a curved stick with different divisions by distance.

Ask ourselves: how can an inhabitant of world 2 learn about the monstrous curvature of his world? No way. It's impossible. Because all the objects of his world are distorted in the same way and cover all dimensions. Moreover, a hunchbacked creature from world 2 will be sure that the reflections from world 1 are horribly distorted. In other words, our alleged symmetry and proportionality is not an objective fact. To some outside observer from another world, we may seem incongruously gaudy, highly distorted. But we will consider ourselves handsome, descendants of Apollo. And the reason is still the same. All our roulettes will show "how it should be". That is, complete symmetry and sameness of the sides. After all, they are also distorted.

The simple conclusion is that if the entire universe were suddenly distorted, and these changes affected absolutely all objects, we would never notice it.

By the way, this also applies to time. It can be incredibly curved without any consequences.  Seconds can turn into centuries, years can pass at the speed of an instant, and we will never feel or notice it.

What is time for us? Numbers on the tableau or the movement of stars. But if all this has also changed – we will not feel any changes.

Even if seconds, minutes, and hours were would moving in leaps and bounds. The earth could change its speed of rotation, the Sun could change its orbit several times a day, the Moon could fly away and approach the Earth at different angles – we would not have noticed this if all the other parameters changed in the same way.  Perhaps this is how our "crazy" world actually behaves. We constantly bend, our bodies change the length of our arms and legs, our head turns into a pear, then into a melon. The nose droops or shrinks into a pinhead – we do not know.

Here you have the right to exclaim: - This can not be!

There is one irrefutable proof. This is a quantum world. The physical laws of our world don't work there. There, cause and effect change places. And the electrons turn into a particle, then a wave. They don't notice it in the quantum world. Since the changes also apply to all items. They have everything logical and even. But our world seems to quantum particles to be a realm of ugliness and chaos. Remember the example about a curved mirror? This is what we are. Hence the conclusion: our world is not stable. It is like a living biomass that is constantly in motion. Turning into a particle, then a wave. This is how our quantum neighbors see us. And our beauties look like shivering, formless biomass like jelly.

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